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Private house vacation rental website in Kribi Cameroon.

The website is built to be fully responsive with the side menu folding on smaller devices.

On the website we have two languages, English and French, multiple galleries and booking system.

Online booking system offers visitors to make a reservation of their vacation for specific date with the insights on the year calendar month by month with the available and reserved days.

Gasthof Zumschluessel is an exclusive restaurant by Daniele Verardi.

The website offer visitors full menu insight, gallery and online reservation.

Small business portfolio website redesign.
We had a pleasure working with Krečko in the past.
Old website was build with flash technology, it was time to refresh and redesign their website.

Web shop website for small business selling hand crafted and personalized terrariums.

The website is fully customized web shop with the ability for online orders and selecting customized terrarium orders.

With the possibility of online payments, customers have an options to select multiple currencies for the payment and shipping destination limited by country.

Other than web shop, website feature gallery and blog.

A website that brings together several different backgrounds in the world of entertainment and art.

Once again Boran gave us an opportunity to work with him and build the website for Kulturwerkstatt Techno
Music Festival.

With the website redesign, the idea was to make it more colorful and each section and event has been represented with the different color background.

Family owned fast food service presentation website.

Fully responsive featuring restaurant menu and possibility to order food online.

Personal portfolio and catering service presentation website built for famous European chef Daniele Verardi.

It was such a pleasure building a website for Daniele Verardi, giving us an opportunity to build something visually expressive.

The website represents his work and information’s about his catering services.

Fully responsive website with galleries, introduction video, services and web shop offering client products in four languages.

Simple and responsive website representing Concrete and Reinforcement company. With one page layout divided into sections such as slider, about company, their services and contact form.

Responsive news and blog magazine website. The design for the website is created for interactive user experience displaying latest gaming news, tutorials and gaming related content. The organization of the website is separated in multiple sections divided by the type of the content.

Smart product business website with e-shop features offering product catalogue web shop style and online ordering for product and installation service. The website is built on woocommerce shop design idea for the product organization and categorization.

A dynamic and responsive website representing personal business in multiple languages.

Once again Kuća Putovanja trusted us with the development of the website for their business. With the website redesign we implemented many new features such as car rental section with the online booking form. Airline tickets sale with complete the booking and reservation system and online payments. Ticket prices for the upcoming months with calendar style and reservations without payments.

The site offers facial care services specifically eyelashes and nail arts (manicure and pedicure).

The concept was to create responsive website with easy management of online booking and reservations in multiple languages.

Aerial drone and photography e-commerce website presentation. The website offers online courses, drone and camera products. Full featured web shop with woocommerce catalogue.

A website that brings together several different backgrounds in the world of entertainment and art.

Animated website with a responsive design and adaptive to all types of devices (phone, tablet, laptop…). Its ergonomics and fluidity make it possible to highlight the abilities and competence of a wide range of services ranging from accounting to tax. Services and skills that would have been quite difficult to detail completely on a Curriculum Vitae.

The project was to clean the infected website but our team take it further with complete redesign and making clean, stylish website.

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