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A website created and developed in the image of the customer with all the latest technologies of the web.

Built and personalized from Scratch featuring unique and modern design suitable to represent company.

Business type website, to present the various activities of shoemaker.

Create and develop a website that reflects the image of its owner. At a time when the shoemaker offers different services such as locksmithing, it was necessary to find the right combination and design.

Create a website for a classical dance school for all ages. The website must be able to highlight each section with images and sections with the possibility of registering or contacting the dance teacher with a pre-registered choice of the different levels desired.
Designed with a responsive design, it adapts to various devices and resizes to any resolution for large desktops and small mobile devices.

The concept of the website was to create simple and stylish one page presentation with parallax scroll divided by sections. Each section will feature D.J. Boran work such as music playlist, video playlist, gallery and events.

Coiffure Ece is another simple yet beautiful website designed for online presentation of Ece hairdressing and cosmetic business.

Website is driven with powerful CMS which makes it very easy for client to manage and update without much of coding knowledge. Built with responsive design make’s it fit on various devices and resize to any resolution from large desktops to small mobile devices. Following today’s standards for great user experience, website features interactive animations, parallax scrolling, flexible menu, contact form, gallery and more…

Labotec is full featured CMS driven website for online product portfolio showcase and catalogue

Built with responsive design, perfectly fit on any kind of mobile, tablet, or desktop device. The website features all kind of modern utilities such as animated dropdown menus, slideshow, image galleries on product and portfolio pages, latest css3 and html5 animations, and more… for quality user experience.

The challenge of our team was to build a 3D Ball rotating on itself and has 360 ° with the function of opening when you click on it.

We have Built a sphere element in 3D, while styling of the website is backed up with famous Bootstrap framework, and everything together is built on Three.js, which is Javascript 3D library helper for WebGL. With all that, we have been able to bring 3D into browsers.

Celonic is very unique website and one of a kind project. The website is multilevel with different categories for each pentagon/hexagon of the sphere, and each category have it’s own subcategory with different details and descriptions for every process. The website also have control panel for easier management in back-end which is built on laravel framework.

The website feature highly customized search options.

Kuća Putovanja is a travel agency. The website requirements were to have classified search and categorical view of the offers.

Clock Travel is a travel agency.As with any travel website, the most important part is to have well categorized offers. Clock travel features so called “tree view” in which you can easily browse the offers by type, country, destination, etc… The website features slideshow on every offer, and slideshow on each category view. Contact form and booking.

Banker Hosting is a long established hosting company offering shared hosting solutions.

Banker Radio is a well established radio station. The website idea was to offer visitors the latest news and info about the shows on the radio station, with possibility for user registrations and forums.

Stan u Nišu is innovative way to find or rent an apartment.It’s a rental service website where people can easily browse through the list of available apartments, check out their prices and image galleries without hassle going to the locations.
The website have neat search with specific criteria, contact form, booking, slideshow, rating, classified ads, etc…

Finish 018 is a team of experts specialized in home and office decorations. Finish is a new step in the evolution of the decorative techniques and editing interiors.

Vivid Themes offers creative WordPress themes. They bring you quality designs at affordable prices. Vivid Themes is a full featured online web shop website. It have everything that online shop website requires, from easy cms website management, forum support to answer all the clients questions and for their theme support area. The online shop allows users to register on the website and order one of their themes online, users are able to track their orders and pay online via their preferred online payment services such as paypal, skrill, 2checkout. And upon successful payment users can review and download their products. The website also features affiliate system which gives the users ability to earn some extra money.

Apartmani Čanj offers rentals of the apartments on the beautiful coast of Montenegro. The website features background music with a location preview of the apartments and image gallery.

Krecko is a team that specializes in interior and exterior decoration of your home. This site is an essay of their decoration. Because they make our home beautiful and pleasant, we had to make their site the same style. is flash based website with background music and nice color theme, contact form, image gallery, and nice home page slideshow. is a community website where people can find each other, chat, exchange photos, hang out, and socialize online. We were not involved directly into development of the website from start, but our job was to make graphic design and theme for the site, and a portion of custom php coding.

Quake Mania is full featured CMS driven community website for popular Quake III game fans. Lightweight template design with few java scripts, and simple look with optimized images is what make this site load so fast. Because this website is made for community where allot of visitors will come on daily basis, we had to make it simple, but good looking with fast load time. On quakemania users can register, read news, exchange opinions on forums, comment on posts, chat on general chat shoutbox, download game mods/updates, edit their info, send private messages, add other users as friend/family/relationship, list available game servers, and more…

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